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On March 27, the commemorative ceremony titled “Marvelous H6, Champion for Ten Years in a Row–All Here to Share the Honor of 3 Million” was initiated digitally on dozens of domestic platforms simultaneously, with HAVAL and customers worldwide getting together to witness the moment of glory.

Since the launch in 2011, the HAVAL H6, a now household name across the globe, has achieved the global accumulative sales of 3 million units by the end of December 2019. Faced with the outbreak and challenged by the risk of full-range infection the world over, HAVAL bravely carried on together with all its global customers and took the initiative to hold the previously planned global ceremony by means of an online release on domestic platforms, transmitting courage and confidence at such a special moment when people all over the globe share the same fears and uncertainty.

Dashing into the 3M Club with so much momentum, the HAVAL H6, on behalf of the Chinese self-dependent auto brand, has become a remarkable benchmark in the world auto industry. Undoubtedly, such high sales are attributable to the energetic development of the Chinese auto market, the biggest one in the world, but more to the efforts made by the HAVAL H6. Under the backdrop of a rapidly changing auto market, the HAVAL H6 cautiously and confidently takes each step, setting out to reach the summit. It is with perseverance and courage that it creates the legend of “the First and the Only Champion” for six times consecutively in domestic sales.

The HAVAL H6 has made an all-sided breakthrough, among others the difficulties, the growth speed, the influence, the record holding duration, the highest record and in service quality. Statistical data has shown that the HAVAL H6 is the first and the only Chinese auto model that achieves the sales of 3 million units. By the end of 2019, global sales of the HAVAL H6 reached 3 million units and it enjoyed the highest accumulative sales that other Chinese auto models have never done, writing a legend in the history of Chinese auto market.

In addition, the HAVAL H6 is also the first and the only Chinese auto model that creates sales of 3 million units in only 8 years; appears on the list of global annual Top 10 SUVs successively in 5 years; impresses Chinese auto market with notable SUV sales of over 80,000; enjoys the glory of domestic sales champion for 7 years in a row and accumulative 81 months, reaching the peak of domestic market when the monthly sales astonishingly soared to 80,495 units, one unit sold every 33s. It must also be mentioned that from 2015 to 2019, the HAVAL H6 always ranked the first in respect of CACSI (Chinese Auto Customer Satisfaction Index) in this market segment.

During the live ceremony, Li Ruifeng, Senior Vice President of GWM proudly made another promise, “We have witnessed numerous milestones in the Chinese auto market, but no one like HAVAL H6. HAVAL H6 opened up a whole new era–whichever city you are in, you can see the HAVAL H6 around here and there; it reshaped the layout of auto the market–by embodying the needs of Chinese consumers in the product, it won foreign investment out the expectation of other countless competitors, changed the way of Chinese people in terms of auto consumption and improved their confidence in a Chinese self-independent auto brand. Now HAVAL stands here firmly, resolute to directly compete with stronger peers, turn the world’s eyes to automobiles “Made in China” and get people all over the globe conscious of what is Chinese quality and power.”

Also on the grand ceremony, Fu Bingfeng, the Standing Vice Chairman & Secretary General of the Chinese Automotive Industry Association granted the award of “Champion for Successive Ten Times” and made a keynote that 3 million and ten times are not merely numbers, but also represent the pinnacle, ushering in the era of Chinese brand globalization. Among other Chinese auto brands, GWM is one of those most expected to become an equivalent of Toyota and Volkswagen.

Over the past ten years, HAVAL models have been sold successfully in more than 60 countries worldwide, creating sales achievement of nearly 6 million units. What lies behind the fame of a world renowned HAVAL is efforts made in the field of SUV and continual investment put in to improve quality, technologies and services. Technologies first, HAVAL upholds the strategy of “excessive R&D” and it sets up overseas R&D centers one after another in Japan, Germany, India, Austria and South Korea, forming a layout of headquarters Baoding embraced by centers distributed in Europe, Asia and North America. In respect of production, HAVAL has built the first Chinese full-range complete vehicle factory overseas at Tula oblast of Russia. Together with KD plants in Malaysia, Ecuador, Tunisia, etc. and the nine large production bases in China, a global production system takes shape.

Additionally, GWM has acquired GM factories in Talegaon of India and Rayong of Thailand respectively at the beginning of this year, making its resolution clear to advance forward to market in South Asia and ASEAN countries. It is also a significant move of HAVAL to perfect its world development map. In regard to services, HAVAL has endeavored to satisfy the buying demand of global customers and to enhance CSI (customer satisfaction index) by constructing a network covering more than 500 dealers from Russia, South Africa, Austria, Central and South America, South Asia, Middle East and Africa, with overseas spare parts centers set up for its key markets in Australia, South Africa and other regions at the same time.

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